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Nähtävyydet ja maamerkit paikassa Quang Nam Province


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“My Son Holy Land is situated in an august mighty valley complex. My Son with more than 70 tower-temple architectural structures of Cham Pa civilization retaining historical, cultural, architectural &artistic values from 9 centuries’ time.”
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Historiallinen paikka
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“The Marble Mountains are a cluster of five hills made from limestone and marble in Da Nang. It's also a well-known pilgrimage site with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples all just waiting to be discovered. Named after the elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth, Marble Mountains exist in a coastal area that is renowned for stone-cutting and sculpture about 9km south of Da Nang.”
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“According to legend, the temple is considered to be a sword stabbed into the back of the monster Namazu, causing it to not flick its tail, causing earthquakes.”
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