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“One of the first "gentrified" restaurants in the area. Best fried chicken. Really strong chef. Movies projected in the back.”
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“In central SF - and near SF MOMA, Metreon and Yerba Buena park so you can split up and do a variety of things and come back together for lunch and dinner.”
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“This old-school movie palace has been a fixture in the Castro neighborhood since 1922. The grand interior and signature pre-show organ music are worth the price of admission alone — but stick around for their ever-changing roster of classic films, spirited sing-alongs, and rotating film festivals. Absolutely one of our favorite destinations in SF!”
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“Small Cinima with the best new releases, along with some great arthouse and classic films. Serves food and booze to your seat all movie long. Located in the renovated New Mission Theater.”
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“Located in the heart of Yerba Buena Gardens, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presents cutting-edge, contemporary visual art, performances, film/video and community engagement programs that celebrate innovation and experimentation by local, national and international artists working today. Distinguished by its support for contemporary artists from around the world, YBCA is also recognized for the important role the organization plays in the San Francisco Bay Area arts ecology and in the community at large. Artistically, YBCA is decidedly “cutting edge,” presenting and exhibiting work by artists who are pushing the boundaries of their art in form and/or content.”
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“Local movie theatre with two movies. Usually one of them is something worth seeing. Good prices and wine and beer served!”
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“Oldest continually operating theater. Great place just off the main part of Valencia Street.”
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“It is a little independent movie theater showing old and new movies at all times. You won't find blockbusters here. ”
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“The Vogue theatre is more than a place to watch a movie. It was built in 1901, and more than 100 years later, it still thrives as SF's most charming single-screen cinema for big releases. You can also see foreign flicks, and, of course, the requisite midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Best place for a rainy day.”
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“If you’re into history, this is definitely a theater to check out. Built in 1910, the building is an amazing example of Art Deco. I would go at nighttime to see the Art Deco vibe with the lighting and the colors, and to step into the past a little bit. They only program one film at a time, and they also do a great midnight madness series, which you can find on their web site. It’s in a good part of town to go eat dinner. The Clay is on Fillmore Street, so there’s lots of stuff around.”
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“I love any chance I can go to the Castro Theatre. It's old-fashioned interior is breathtaking and a man plays an organ onstage before each show.”
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“Cutest little theater on Chestnut. Only two screening rooms, but they always pick the best movies!”
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“This theater shows several films every day and is only a 10-minute​ walk away.”
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“Closest movie theater... old-school place but shows a mix of popular as well as more quirky movies.”
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“It’s a wonderful place that programs a lot of foreign films, especially some really great Asian cinema, the art-house stuff. You’ll see films that are unlikely to be playing anywhere else. It’s also in one of my favorite unsung neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Outer Richmond and specifically Clement Street. I would go here in the evening, because it’s nice to eat somewhere on Clement Street afterwards. Just avoid Monday or Tuesday, though, because a lot of things are closed in this area on those days.”
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