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Mitä tehdä paikassa Excelsior, San Francisco

Tutustu kaupunkiin paikallisten vinkkien avulla. Etsi parhaat aktiviteetit ja ruokapaikat ja saa arvokkaita neuvoja ihmisiltä, jotka asuvat täällä.

“My favorite pizza in SF! They deliver on Postmates, but it's a cozy place to go eat out at for sure. Get a reservation on Resy or call ahead. ”
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Ranskalainen ravintola
“Great French restaurant. Check out if they have any space before you try and get a table.”
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Dog Run
“312-acre park featuring a golf course, pool & amphitheater, plus 7 miles of walking trails.”
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Meksikolainen ravintola
“Great Mexican take out. Cash only but a BOA and Wells Fargo ATM's very close.”
57 paikallista suosittelee
“Great coffee and tea, with some yummy baked goods. About 12-15 minute walk, toward the BART station. A great place to enjoy your drink and hang out a while. ”
36 paikallista suosittelee
“Good Coffee, easy breakfast (eggs, crepes, etc). A great stop on your way to the BART in the morning. ”
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“Good book shop in Glen Park. Many nights you can find local jazz musicians playing here.”
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“Snug bakeshop known for breakfast pastries, coffee cakes & tartlettes plus seasonal treats. Truly a destination for good pastries and a nice sunny place to sit and have a cup of coffee and a pastry.”
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“This cafe/restaurant has excellent reviews, good food, and great customer service ”
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“The Broken Record is a neighborhood bar with an extensive whisky collection, pool table, and good dining in the rear. You can take kids there! Yes, you march them right into the back and they generally have big screen tvs showing sports or something in the walls. ”
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“Tyger's has breakfast, sandwiches, and hamburgers, and the like. Cash only.”
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“Great little coffee shop nearby. Might be tough to find parking, but if you don't mind a 10 minute walk it's a good place to get your fix!”
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Italialainen ravintola
“This gem has been an all time favorite for me and my grand kids for an elevated Italian cuisine experience. You won’t be disappointed!”
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“The Dark Horse is a pub with a really good menu and a wide craft beer selection. ”
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“If you like to drink local, this brewery makes some tasty brews and is only about 7 minutes away. ”
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“Cute little gift shop for any occasion. Sells jewelry, cards and other crafts by local artists. ”
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