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Tutustu alueeseen Nob Hill, San Francisco

Best things to do in Nob Hill, San Francisco

History Museum
“Do you want to get an in-depth look of how cable cars actually work? This is your spot! Even better, it's free!”
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“It's the closest place for a cup of Joe, with a great selection of pastries and good bagels. ”
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History Museum
“See how the famous San Francisco cable cars work in this barn/museum that controls the cables that run under the streets. The cable cars "grab" onto these cables - very cool to see how it all works.”
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“This museum is awesome. A huge part of San Francisco's history. Admission is free!”
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“Lovely theater playing French films (with English subtitles): Tuesday nights only. $5 donation for a movie and a glass of wine.”
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“When you walk into this place in between Chinatown, the Financial District, and North Beach, it looks like a women’s clothing boutique, but they have a separate space for art. It’s a really cool place to pop in and maybe buy something, and there’s the added bonus of a curated art show. Along with the owner, Sydney Pfaff, they also have a full-time curator, Alice Wu, who handles their programming, and it’s all really cool work—mostly fairly affordable illustration-based stuff.”
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