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Tutustu alueeseen Richmond District, San Francisco

Best things to do in Richmond District, San Francisco

“The de Young often features traveling exhibits from all over the world. It's in a fantastic modernist building which has a tower that you can go up (free of charge) for a great view of Golden Gate Park and the surrounding city.”
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“Wonderful place to get out of the fog and experience the lush jungle greenery in an expertly restored Victorian Greenhouse.”
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“One of the most scenic museums location in the city with special exhibits. A local favorite and free on first Tuesdays of month. ”
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“The Legion of Honour, San Francisco's most beautiful museum, displays an impressive collection of 4,000 years of ancient and European art in an unforgettable setting with dramatic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Pacific Ocean. The Collection includes: The Legion’s rich collection of more than 800 European paintings includes masterpieces from the 14th to the early 20th centuries. The approximately 250 paintings on view present a survey of artistic accomplishments by Europe’s leading masters, from Fra Angelico to Claude Monet. The Ancient Art collection contains a number of rare works of high quality and importance from Egypt, the Near East, Greece, and Rome. Splendid examples of art from these early civilizations, spanning more than 5,000 years, ”
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“ 4000 years of ancient & European art in a beaux arts building overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. ”
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“Posh locale with rotating art serving seasonal, contemporary American fare & handcrafted cocktail - wonderful for a cocktail - need advance reservations if you want to stay for dinner”
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“Local movie theatre with two movies. Usually one of them is something worth seeing. Good prices and wine and beer served!”
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“Great neighborhood sushi restaurant. This isn't world class sushi, but they have a great selection of daily specials and serve big pieces of sushi at a great value.”
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“If you love pizza, you must go to Pizzetta 211 for lunch or dinner. It is a block away and they don't take reservations, but the wait isn't usually too long. Best pizza ever! (And be sure to have dessert...)”
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Community Center
“Cultural Center and Fitness/Gym - Purchase day pass at front desk. $25 - work out, book a massage, swim, steam... See JCCSF.org for daily events and activities. ”
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“One of the last places in San Francisco with soul. Do not go here if you want something polished or cute. This place has attracted the same exact crowd for decades. They sit around debating philosophy and politics. Don't they have jobs? How do they afford the coffee? The cafe is open till 10 PM, and serves beer (with live music) at nights.”
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Dim Sum -ravintola
“Famous Chinese and Dim Sum restaurant in SF! There can be a line here but it is worth the wait! You can get a 7 course meal WITH LOBSTER for 4 people here for under $100 (house soup, lobster or peking duck, 4 entrees of your choice and dessert)! For dessert, the mango fish is sooo worth it! Remember to tip well! ”
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“Irish bar with impromptu Irish seisiún music on Sunday nights starting at 8PM.”
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“Cozy, plank-walled pub featuring 20+ craft beers on tap & a simple menu of American comfort food.”
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“Irish Pub with great music and cool bartenders. It's right across the street from Green Apple Books, so grab a pint, then head over to walk the stacks looking for that ever elusive out-of-print book. They probably have it!”
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“The Vogue theatre is more than a place to watch a movie. It was built in 1901, and more than 100 years later, it still thrives as SF's most charming single-screen cinema for big releases. You can also see foreign flicks, and, of course, the requisite midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Best place for a rainy day.”
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