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Book Store
“City Lights is THE quintessential San Francisco bookstore. It's not in this neighborhood (unfortunately) but I'd be there all the time if it was. This is the bookstore & publishing house owned by Ferlinghetti, who is celebrating his 100th birthday this year (2019). City Lights was the publisher for the Beat Generation, and continues its tradition of publishing literature in translation, poetry, and political theory. They are one of the most culturally significant stores of any kind in the country, influencing whole movements. If you pass through Chinatown or North Beach, consider making a stop here.”
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Antique Shop
“Entrance to Chinatown. You can take Montgomery Bart exit or Park at Sutter and Stockton ”
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Kampaamo / Parturi
“One of the best places in San Francisco to get a last minute haircut. Everyone is super friendly and they have the most trained staff around!”
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Clothing Store
“VERY cool store clothing jewelry art and home goods. Ask for Rachel or Harry.”
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Jewelry Store
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