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Ruokakaupat alueella Bayview, San Francisco

“Best bargain supermarket in town. Puts Safeway and the big chain supermarkets to shame in terms of price and selection. ”
  • 10 paikallista suosittelee
“Cheap groceries and everything you need. On the way, you'll pass a walgreens, where you also might be able to find the staples (eggs, milk, cereal, snacks, etc.)”
  • 7 paikallista suosittelee
“It's a neighborhood grocery store with just about everything you need. There's even a parking lot, but don't expect anything fancy. I hear the Krispy Krunch Fried Chicken they have in there is mind blowing, but probably not very good for you so I haven't tried it yet.”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
“ Basic groceries and fresh produce. Less expensive bulk items and extensive beer & liquor selection. Don't forget the walk-in refrigerator for eggs, juices and cheeses!”
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Pet Store
“This warehouse in the Bayview works directly with farmers to source all organic, sustainably farmed, non-industrial human-grade meat. I actually go there for all my protein supply. They also have free workshops—how to feed your dog raw, how to train a puppy—and your dogs are allowed to walk around and sniff to their heart’s desire. It’s a must see. Kasie Maxwell, the owner, is usually there and she’s a knowledgeable dog nutritionist. You can ask her as many questions as you want about your dog's health; she knows more than any vet I've ever met. Psst: Tell her Sarah from Ollie and Bear sent you and she’ll pass along my friends and family discount.”
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