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Puistot ja luonto paikassa San Francisco

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Botanical Garden
“Beautiful gardens, located in Golden Gate Park (combine a visit with the Conservatory of Flowers Victorina greenhouse, and DeYoung Museum Viewing Tower, as is a short walk.) ”
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Muut hyvät ulkoilmapaikat
“Surprisingly rugged park with lots of cool geological elements. Great for hiking and running.”
  • 104 paikallista suosittelee
“One of our favorite spots in the bay. Phenomenal views of the ocean with gorgeous grass areas and cliffs. This is also a very popular dog park - be prepared to see lots of dogs!”
  • 83 paikallista suosittelee
“Great view of the City without all of the Twin Peaks tourists. Walking paths and stairs make this pretty accessible. Also, there is a cute little museum. Known by the SF Nickname of "Rocky Mountain".”
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Maisemallinen näköalapaikka
“On a clear day, you can see forever-- you can see the whole city. Definitely bring a jacket for men on a sunny day the wind can put a San Francisco hill through your bones :-)”
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“This is where San Francisco has actually started from. A very beautiful area with green grass and picnic spots.”
  • 64 paikallista suosittelee
“Just a nice park for sunny days. Lots of young people hanging out. Sometimes they have movies on at night!”
  • 67 paikallista suosittelee
“There are basketball courts and paths to walk, this park connects our neighborhood to golden gate park. To the left is the upper Haight. It's also the best bike path to golden gate park and the inner sunset.”
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“Great playground in a very fun San Francsico park, adjacent to the Mission, a reliably sunny and fun neighborhood with great cafes, shopping and dining.”
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“The Duboce Park/Noe St. MUNI Metro stop is 5 minutes walk. Get on ($2.75/2 hours) and go east and you can be downtown in a matter of minutes. Go west to the end of the line and voila! You're at ocean Beach (in a matter of a bunch more minutes) and on the way you can stop and explore the Inner Sunset neighborhood (Irving/9th) with it's interesting shops and restaurants, (and direct access down 9th Ave to Golden Gate Park) and the island of hipness (and Outerlands Restaurant, Trouble Cafe, Java Beach, Mollusk Surf Shop and Art Gallery) at the far west end of town. ”
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“11+ acre park with amazing views of the city. Great playground, tennis courts.”
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“Great playground and picnic area for family with kids. Great view of the SF Bay”
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Dog Run
“312-acre park featuring a golf course, pool & amphitheater, plus 7 miles of walking trails.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“Great view of the Golden gate bridge and less crowded than walking across the top”
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“Precita Park is just a block & a half away from Manchester Commons. Its a wonderful neighborhood park where you can take a break and watch the dogs and the kids play. ”
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“Enjoy this secluded and little known place to hike. This is the hill you see front our front yard. It's the highest point in SF and the views and out of this world! Just ask us for the best way to walk up the mountain!”
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