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Things to do

“Situated a short walk from downtown San Ignacio, the Guava Limb restaurant & cafe provides patrons with finely crafted cuisine, using farm-to-table fresh ingredients. They pride themselves in serving the highest quality specialty coffee drinks, pastries, salads, signature dishes and specials available in town. No reservations needed.”
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“Just half an hour away. Great place for hiking and seeing ancient cultures ”
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“Wonderful place to go food touring, get fresh organic fruits, and buy many other little stuff”
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“824-3014 – #5 Burns Av, San Ignacio 6am – 9pm. Farm fresh meats and vegetables in a casual, friendly setting”
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“Pops, open between 6:30 am and 3:00pm has been a breakfast lover’s paradise for the better part of the last two decades. The menu here can’t be described as anything other than perfect, not only the composition but the execution; Pops serves Waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, oats, burritos, all breakfast themed with the freshest ingredients and a precise attention to detail. The combination of American style breakfasts made with Belizean flair is always done expertly and having your meal delivered to you by Pops himself (for whom the restaurant has its name) is a real treat in the morning, or afternoon because they serve breakfast all day. One cannot say “we stayed in San Ignacio” without having made a stop at Pops for fry jacks and beans.”
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“Great place to learn about the ancient and rich culture of the Locals. On display are cultural products, artifacts, artistic craftsmanship and drawings of the Cayo District.”
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“804-2522 – Savannah Road, San Ignacio 8am – 10pm - Local Favorite. Family friendly. Daily Specials. Menu available at hodesplace.com”
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“2 mins walk, best steak you'll have in town Classy...wine and beers. Do try their Hummus...delicious ”
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“Also has a night club located inside, very safe, clean and fun environment. ”
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“Up for an adventure? The Caracol Mayan site is within walking distance. Find a tour guide in the area or venture out and explore on your own!”
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“824 – 2034 – 18 Buena Vista St, San Ignacio Excellent place for bird watching while you dine. – Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. Daily specials. M-TH 7am – 9:30pm, FR-SUN – 7am-10:30pm. Breakfast 7am-11am, Lunch & Dinner Menu 12pm until close Sunday Brunch 9am-2:30pm”
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Point of Interest
“Very educational on how Belizeam chocolate is made. Great for both adults and children.”
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“Give in to your sweet tooth with the best homemade ice cream ever! Tons of local flavors you probably never heard about. The Ice Cream Shoppe is a must when strolling through downtown San Ignacio.”
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Point of Interest
“The cheapest form of transportation is by bus. However, taxis abound in the downtown area. ”
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“San Ignacio's iconic Bubble Tea and Coffee Shop. Handcrafted drinks made to order.”
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