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“Beautiful church where some of Florence's most famous people were buried: Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, etc. ”
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“The Basilica of Santa Croce in the square of the same name in Florence, is one of the largest Franciscan churches and one of the greatest achievements of Gothic in Italy, and has the rank of minor basilica. Santa Croce is a prestigious symbol of Florence, the meeting place of the greatest artists, theologians, religious, writers, humanists and politicians, who determined, in good and bad times, the identity of the late medieval and Renaissance city. Inside, they also hosted famous figures from the history of the Church such as Saint Bonaventura, Pietro di Giovanni Olivi, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Bernardino of Siena, Saint Louis of Anjou. It was also a place of welcome for popes such as Sixtus IV, Eugene IV, Leo X, Clement XIV.”
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“The market takes place every morning (excluding holidays) from 7am to 2pm, partly outdoors, with benches of clothing, fruit and vegetables and food, and partly indoors, in the building built in 1873 on project by Giuseppe Mengoni; inside the building there are food sales stalls, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and catering points. In front of the market, on the side of Via della Mattonaia, overlooks the former monastery of Santa Verdiana, used in the past as a women's prison; today a part of it is used by the University of Florence, as the seat of the Faculty of Architecture.”
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“The piazza of Santa Croce is in a little neighborhood of its own in the center of Florence worth a visit. The basilica of Santa Croce is an important spot to visit as the burial place of many famous historic Florentine figures like Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei.”
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“I love the way this area was brought back to life and I love the atmosphere of this cultural café even more, it’s a bit alternative, a bit bohémien, just like its customers. It is also a good place to drink a beer while listening to live music, since the old-monastery structure retains excellent acoustics “Le Murate” has been the prison of Florence for more than a century, until 1985. Before being a prison, it used to be a monastery (in both cases, not exactly a fun place)”
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“Best pizza downtown and not expensive! Call to reserve a table, they are hard to get. ”
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“One of the city's historic theaters. Suitable for the great opera, cabaret, pop music quality. Absolutely perfect acoustics.”
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“The door of Teatro del Sale in Florence is always open to allow the members of the association (5.-) and all the people in the city to gather and welcome artists from all over the world, thus giving space to that collective and revolutionary emotion that only a live show can create. The Circo-lo Teatro del Sale was founded in 2003 and is the result of a vision by Maria Cassi, its artistic director, and her husband Fabio Picchi. By combining their skills and inspiration they created a place for socialization, thoughtful relax and entertainment. A theatre, a stage where the members of this club can listen to all kind of music, watch the performances and see the preparations for the productions that will then tour around Italy, Europe and the world. A theatre where one can relax and use the food service provided to the association by Cibrèo. ”
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“It's one of the theatre in town. They often play international performances”
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“Very nice place for a coffee with a wonderful Duomo view.... Don't loose it!!”
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“Lovely restaurant, great atmosphere. A dinner here is kind of amust in town.”
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“Tipical Florence cuisine with a famous chef. Very good! The restaurant next to the trattoria is more expencive.”
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“Vivoli is an institution in the Florentine ice cream, one of the oldest ice cream shops in the center.”
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“great food market and small stores , Santa Croce and monuments are in the area . A place for Florentines . ”
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“The same owners of Zoe have created another fantastic venue on Via dei Benci in the Santa Croce districts for later nights, cocktails and drinks”
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“Nice bar close to Santa Croce Square with kitsch furniture, where you can hear live music in the week-end and even dance. It's a very very crowded place so it's better to arrive around 10 pm maximum to reserve a table. Wonderful cocktails. Open just in winter time.”
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