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“24 hr restaurant, breakfast, lunch, dinner all day every day, good foods at a decent price!”
  • 17 paikallista suosittelee
“Wonderful place with a lively bar and friendly staff. Food selection is natural and all meat hormone and antibiotic free. Emphasis on slow roasting meat. The complimentary cornbread is heaven. ”
  • 6 paikallista suosittelee
“Mango Thai has generous portions of good Thai food, parking, and is really close to the airport.”
  • 5 paikallista suosittelee
Meal Takeaway
“Nice local place for food and drinks during the day! Kinda like a sports bar. Across from Safeway. Gets a little scary at night though so leave while the sun is up.”
  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
“If you like to gamble, it's just a waltz through the park to the casino. You never know when you will hit the jackpot. ”
  • 1 paikallinen suosittelee
“Excellent wood fires thin crusted pizza and to die for Chicken Marsala (this really is the only thing I ever order) are some of the delicious dishes on the menu. Wine and dine then walk to the marina to walk it off. ”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee
“This is a local watering hole with a full service bar. Some live music on weekends...For the youngers in town.”
  • 4 paikallista suosittelee
“This bar has so-so food but they also have Karaoke and live music from time to time. Good beer on tap, and full bar service, make this place a good nights worth of fun.”
  • 3 paikallista suosittelee


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