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Botanical Garden
“The Fort Worth Botanic Garden was established in 1934 and is the oldest major botanic garden in Texas, it is located in the heart of the cultural district. It is most popular areas are The Fuller, Rose, and Japanese Gardens.”
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“On the south end of downtown, you’ll find a beautiful and refreshing oasis. The Water Gardens is an architectural and engineering marvel to be enjoyed any time of the year. Visitors can experience a variety of water features as they wander through this relaxing urban park.”
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“12,000-square foot nature center offers interactive exhibits, terrariums, aquariums, nature trails, & Saturday events”
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“Great spot to check out. It was also the location for an iconic scene in the cult classic movie, "Logan's Run". ”
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“A hidden natural gem in the Fort Worth city limits, covering 3,621 acres and over 20 miles of hiking trails. Fantastic for trail running, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, nature watching, and just exploring the outdoors and see what the area looked like untouched 150 years ago. Open 8a-5p every day. Admission: $5 per adult.”
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“Located inside the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, this is a walk of peaceful serenity and beautiful to visit year-round.”
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“Pretty park, lots of room to meander through the trees and plants, beautiful photo spots throughout the park. Great for kids, too.”
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“I love walking on the trails in this park and it is so close and kid friendly.”
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“Small pond with friendly ducks; place for kids to play and lots of trees and picnic tables”
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“Feed the ducks on the beach or from the fishing pier. Walking trail, tennis courts and playground. Boat dock also located at this park.”
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“Access to trails that run along the Trinity River, bike rentals, free outdoor fitness classes on Saturday mornings, farmer's market on Saturday mornings, food trucks, great food trucks and restaurants. ”
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“Great (free) place to explore and get some exercise surrounded by green instead of TVs and mirrors.”
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