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Puistot ja luonto paikassa Yukon

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“Great place if you want to see some wildlife. They rehabilitate and release if possible but also have some permanent residents that would not survive in the wild. ”
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“Its spectacular. The view is amazing. Wonderful hiking trails too. Grizzly trail is incredible - take a tent and spend the night at the lake and return the next day.”
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“Breathtaking mountain and wildlife views, glacier flights and spectacular hiking in the national park. Check out the Visitor Centre in Haines Junction for info and maps.”
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“This large open green space is ideal for spontaneous use and informal gatherings. Rotary Park is situated along the Riverfront Trail and is the first stop for the Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley at the south end of downtown. Amenities include the Whitehorse Lions Splash Park, Seasonal Washroom Facilities, Seasonal Changing Stations, Playground, Fitness Station, Picnic Gazebo, Beach Volleyball Courts, Boat Launch and Seasonal Food Vendor.”
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“Great place for a hike. The Goldrush stampeders went through there. This is the place where Whitehorse got its name from. The rapids through the canyon looked like the white mane of a horse. The canyon has since been tamed but is still wonderful to visit. ”
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