Palmhouse Guidebook

Jayle & Greg
Jayle & Greg
Palmhouse Guidebook

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Take the Larkspur ferry to San Francisco, easy and fast.

The ferry parking lot can fill up fast with weekday commuters so get there early or take a Uber. Get a clipper card to pay fare, its cheaper then buying one way or round trip tickets. The ferry also goes to the new Chase Arena for basketball games and concerts.
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Parking in San Francisco can be expensive.

All parking meters in San Francisco are free on Sundays, which makes it a great time to explore the city. Use normal caution when leaving items in car because break-ins can happen.
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Dress in layers for the Bay Area.

The common recommendation because of the wide range of weather conditions, it can be cold and windy a few miles from hot and calm. Walking shoes are a must or hiking boots for the trails.