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Middle of the World

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September 03, 2019
Go To the Equator and Have a Laugh at Its Quirky Attractions La Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the World) is one big tourist attraction near Quito. This is where the equator passes through Ecuador. It’s all at latitude zero, just north of Quito. Is Going To the Equator Really Worth It? The equator…
August 27, 2019
Nice museum with some background of Ecuadorian history
August 12, 2019
Un lugar ícono del mundo, imposible no conocerlo. An iconic place in the world, impossible not to know.
February 26, 2019
Don´t miss this spot. No te pierdas esta parada.
January 31, 2019
The middle of the world museum and other tourist attractions.

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“Caronlina Park is like the timesquare but little, you can make some exercise like running or make some bicycle, also you have sport courts, but one thing you have to visit is the botanic garden inside the park.”
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“Best place to look around the city's history from ancient cultures of Quito through the colonialization of our city and the freedom that got us to be a republic. Personal opinion: favorite museum!”
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“ok so this Virgin with Wings is the one that takes care of Quito, go pay the visit and enjoy the views of the city, from north to south. - and the andes all around.”
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“This is one of the most beautiful shopping malls that Quito has. You can find stores like Tyfanny, Rolex, Armani, Rahlp Lauran, Tommy and much more. ”
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“-Bungalow is perfect for dancing and having huge fishbowls with different cocktails -Finn McCool's Irish Pub it´s perfect to have some beers before you go out to party ”
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