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Danube's Park

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The most popular public park in Novi Sad, with more than 250 plant species, covers 33,695 square meters.Today's location of the park was first regulated in 1895. The park features several very rare species of trees.
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November 25, 2019
Danube Park, whose building started in the distant 1895. This city oasis of greenery which once was the branch of the Danube, today represents the favorite place for resting and recreation of numerous citizens of Novi Sad. The Danube Park is decorated with thousands of deciduous and evergreen…
October 17, 2018
Central chill place
July 11, 2019
It is the most famous park in the city center. Small, adorable, full of shade and benches. Take a break before continuing your stroll.
November 07, 2019
The city’s favourite park was landscaped in 1895 where Novi Sad’s annual fair used to take place.
Varad Inn Boutique Hostel
Varad Inn Boutique Hostel
December 18, 2018
For more than a century, the Danube Park is resisting the time and is a real peace oasis in the center of Novi Sad. It also represents one of the trademarks of Novi Sad, unavoidable and on the postcards of our city.

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“This attraction in a stuccoed 19th-century palace on Danube Park documents 8,000 years of life in the Vojvodina Province.”
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“Contemporary museum with a great potential and content updates. Its park area is under construct so we can expect it'll be even more beautiful to enjoy around. ”
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“Novi Sad’s sandy beach on the Danube is open all year, but really comes into its own from May to September. This is when the string of restaurants and bars behind is open for business, and you can rent a deckchair or sun-lounger for the day next to one of Europe’s great rivers. If you’re really daring you can also take a dip in the Danube, but there’s much more to do on dry land. The park behind has a mini-golf course, several playgrounds for kids, sports facilities including a beach volleyball arena that stages international competitions. During the EXIT festival there are also live sets on this beach.”
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“Petrovaradin fortress (the second largest fortress in Europe) was a significant military fort of the Austrian rulers who, at the time of Napoleon’s conquests, hid their treasures here. Today it is city’s art center, home to Exit festival and place which mysterious underground keeps intriguing explorers from around the world. When the European noblemen built Petrovaradin fortress (1692-1780), they certainly didn’t have in mind that 300 years later it would be the gathering place of people from around the world, of music and party admirers instead of soldiers. Their powerful military fortress was turned into a cheerful music fortress of Exit, one of the largest European music festivals, and into the biggest art colony in Europe. The most stunning part of Petrovaradin fortress is the Clock Tower at the Ludwig bastion. The clock is peculiar for its clock-hands: a little hand indicates minutes, while the big hand represents hours. This unusual clock was constructed such way so that people, most of all boatmen, could read the time from the great distance.Otherwise the clock hurries in nice and warm weather . When it's cold the clock is late. That's why he was dubbed "Drunken Hour."”
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“ The Serbian National Theatre (Serbian: Srpsko narodno pozorište), located in Novi Sad, is one of the major theatres of Serbia. It was founded in 1861 during a conference of the Serbian National Theatre Society, composed of members of the Serbian Reading Room (Srpska čitaonica), held in Novi Sad.”
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