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The National Museum of Art, Osaka

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October 27, 2018
Art exhibitions from Japan and overseas. The National Art Museum of Osaka (国立国際美術館, Kokuritsu Kokusai Bijutsukan) occupies two underground floors on Nakanoshima Island in central Osaka. The museum focuses on Japanese and foreign contemporary art, with exhibitions from the museum collection and…
April 12, 2018
The biggest art museum of Osaka.
April 08, 2018
The National Museum of Art is a subterranean Japanese art museum located on the island of Nakanoshima, located between the Dōjima River and the Tosabori River, about 5 minutes west of Higobashi Station in central Osaka.
Taka'S Room
Taka'S Room
March 08, 2018
Collections mainly focus on contemporary and domestic art from the end of the Second World War, but also organize exhibitions other than contemporary art.
February 18, 2018
National Museum of Art

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2, Ōsaka-fu 530-0005
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