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Mosque of the Divinity

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October 16, 2019
plage, promenade, village des pêcheurs lebou

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Natural Feature
“Visit Lac Rose once. There is a deck from where you can dive in the salty water. Restaurants nearby, no hotels. Not far from Yene if by car or taxi.”
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Flea Market
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Night Club
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“Le meilleur restaurant pour manger du poisson frais. Décor chaleureux en bord de mer”
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Point of Interest
“Monumental bronze structure on the second hill of Mamelles inaugurated in 2010, 52 meters high and made of copper. It is accessed by a grand staircase of 198 steps. The visit allows to climb in the head of the man and to benefit from an impregnable view on Dakar.”
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Dakar, Dakar