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Calle Moncayo

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November 5, 2016
Lots of restaurants along Moncayo and Castillo streets
July 19, 2016
They call it the street of "mata hambre" or "kill your hunger" and for a good reason. 20+ restaurants crammed together in one short street. Mostly meat restaurants (Spanish, Argentinian and Brazilian) but also Italian, Asian, Indian etc.
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel
March 12, 2018
Conocida como "La calle del hambre" por los fuengiroleños y visitantes, es una calle que se caracterizada por una extensa y variada oferta en cuanto a gastronomía y restauración en la que conviven más de 60 negocios de este ámbito.
Marcia Papin
Marcia Papin
March 17, 2016
Calle de los restaurantes de Fuengirola

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“Wonderful winter tapas place with huge selection of wine. Great sitting among the hanging Pata Negra and bottles of wine.”
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“Live Jazz and Cocktails on the city, renembering the classic bars during the prohibition era in USA, an amazing place where you can enjoy the best drinks and live music everyday.”
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“Here you can buy all the products they bring of the day. Fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables”
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“Lunch only in a typical house in a small town. Remember to arrive for lunch not after 14:00 or it will be full. Prices are very low and you have to eat whatever they have made that day. People say Prince Charles had lunch there. Seems there is a picture of him but I did not see it. It is an experience eating inside a typical house. ”
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Fuengirola, AL 29640