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Bern, Dählhölzli

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January 27, 2020
Zoo. Approximately 30 minutes pleasant walk down the river. Free petting zoo nearby.
Laura & David
Laura & David
May 24, 2018
little zoo directly on the riverbank
January 18, 2018
About a half of the Dählhölzli is freely accessible or visible, for example the enclosures along the Aare river, the childrens' zoo and the lynx park, the wisent forest, and also the grouse and flamingo enclosures are all free. But if you wish to see more animals or if you feel like a walk over the…
August 21, 2017
Visit the bear park in bern - bears have been kept in Bern since 1513. Up until 1857 they were in the city itself, then in the bear pit and, from 2009, in the BearPark. At the animal park Dählhölzli you can visit the lynx, brown bears, wolf, wisent, elk, seals, muskox & many others. About a half…
March 6, 2016
Intresting walk in the zoo in Bern. The animals live with the nature outside. A nice walk down the river (there is no entry to pay) Only if you go more inside there you have to pay 10.-

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1 Tierparkweg
Berne, BE 3005
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