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Japanese Curry Restaurant

Magic Spice

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June 03, 2017
被称为“汤咖喱的始祖”。把鸡肉的鲜味和辣椒的风味巧妙地浓缩在一起的印度尼西亚风味汤底,从“觉醒”到“虚空”七种阶段的辣度,40多种配料可供选择。 It is entitle as"the ancestor of soup curry". The freshness of chicken and the flavor of chill are concentrated in this Indonesian style soup.It has 7 levels of spicy,from"awakening"to"void" with over 40 kinds of topping you…
May 18, 2017
一家印尼餐厅,被誉为汤咖喱的始祖。餐厅外观有点夸张,我第一次去的时候还以为那是一个游乐场。可以根据个人喜好选择辣度(1-7个阶段)。刺激的辣感并没有掩盖鸡肉的鲜嫩。汤汁看上去淡淡的,但其实味道很浓厚。 This is an Indonesian restaurant,called"the ancestor of soup curry". The interior might look a bit exaggerated,I thought it was a playground when I came here for the first time.You can choose the…
March 28, 2019
札幌スープカレーの先駆け! スパイシーなスープカレーが人気です★いろいろな野菜が入っていて、地元民にも大人気です! This is the pioneer of Soup curry! It's spicy, but very popular. Many kinds of vegetables in it. Local loves it!

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6, Hokkaidō 003-0024
Puhelin+81 11-864-8800
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Brunssi, Lounas, Päivällinen
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