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Guestvilla Hakone
Guestvilla Hakone
July 12, 2017

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Point of Interest
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Point of Interest
“The Hakone Checkpoint was established in 1619 as one of the most important checkpoints of 53 in all by the Tokugawa Shogunate, for it was located in Mt. Hakone, the steepest spot on the Tokaido Highway then. There were two main purposes of the Hakone Checkpoint in particular as described “入り鉄砲に出女” meaning “guns in and women out.” Guns to be brought into Edo were allowed only on prior application and they were strictly checked. Wives of feudal lords were forced to live in Edo as a kind of hostage since the beginning of the Edo period to avoid any possible revolts against the shogunate. That's why women going out from Edo were also strictly inspected. There were female inspectors but it was very troublesome for female travelers to pass through the Hakone Checkpoint, even if they have Tegata(手形) a kind of passport. It was abolished in 1869 just after the Meiji Restoration and restored to the original state in 2007. There remain rows of cryptomeria or Japanese cedar by Ashino-ko, which consist of 400 trees nearly 400 years old along the historic road 500 meters long. It is said that they were planted by Matsudaira Masatsuna(松平正綱), a feudal lord of Kawagoe domain, who also planted cryptomeria on the Nikko-Kaido, the world longest cryptomeria avenue 35.4km. long registered on the Guinness Book.”
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“It is said that if you eat the black eggs (only the shell is black) from Owakudani, that you'll add 7 years to your life. ”
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Natural Feature
“Very nice view with Mt. Fuji. One of the location of Neon Genesis Evangelion! ”
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Place of Worship
“Super old beautiful Japanese Shinto Shrine with stunning photo opportunities and super big old trees. You need to climb some stairs to get to the main buildings but it's a great place to check out if you go to Lake Ashi.”
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Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0408