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cầu Mống

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October 18, 2018
I love to walk to D1 using this bridge. A nice place to have a selfie
The Dragons Host
The Dragons Host
September 23, 2018
Mống Bridge Ho Chi Minh City.JPG The Mong Bridge (Cầu Mống in Vietnamese, "Rainbow bridge") is a steel bridge across the Bến Nghé River, connecting District 1 and District 4 of Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the oldest bridges in that city. Originally named Pont des Messageries maritimes, it was…

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“The most upscale Ru Nam cafe in Saigon, if you want to Instagram for a bit :) Awesome dessert and coffee. ”
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“Great bistro, served delicious Vietnamese food as well as coffee. Remarkable location right at Bach Dang Habour”
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Point of Interest
“Plathora of restaurants to choose all the traditional Vietnamese street foods. ”
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“Along with the nón lá (Vietnamese conical hat), the áo dài (the elegant Vietnamese national costume) is another prominent symbol of the country. The Áo Dài Museum is the brainchild of famous designer Lê Sĩ Hoàng, with various exhibits displaying áo dàis from the 17th century all the way to modern adaptations – effectively displaying the evolution of the dress.”
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