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Clothing Store
Amusement Park
“Blue Ridge’s premiere Aerial Adventure Park is an obstacle challenge course designed by a leading company in the industry. The aerial challenge course features suspended bridges, tight ropes, climbing walls, ziplines, and other fun obstacles for every age and ability. Each participant will be clipped in to a safety line while on the course. Three different levels of courses are offered for ages seven and older, with each level becoming progressively more difficult. The obstacles are designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. We offer a ground level course for children ages five and six, that can extend reaching at least 65 inches. ”
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  • 2 paikallista suosittelee
Point of Interest
“Derek has been offering trail rides for a long time. Good mannered horses. Good Hospitality. Well respected local family. He will show you some great views and maybe let you run the horse in the field. I bet he knows where the moonshine stills were. Cashes Valley was well known for their apple brandy during prohibition. They still aren't sharing their recipe with Merciers .”
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771 E Main St
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Puhelin(706) 632-3151