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Archeologiko Mousio Ioanninon

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“It is near the Lake Pamvotis. Very good kitchen, beautiful environment and good for families. There is a parking right next to it and access is very easy. Afterwards you can walk next to the Lake!”
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“ Ali Pasa museum. Ιn the island of Ioannina, in the hospitable place of the Monastery of Ag. Panteleimon, which Ali Pasha had transformed into a country house, was first opened in 1958 by the Museum of the Revolutionary Period thanks to the initiative of enlightened Yianniotes. In May 2012 the Museum of Ali Pasha and the Revolutionary Period includes the great collection of Fotis Rapakousis. In the main building there are exhibited objects directly or indirectly related to Ali Pasha during his period of action (1788-1822) and in the second building heirlooms of the revolutionary period of the Greeks for the demolition of the Ottoman yoke (19th century)”
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Point of Interest
“το κάστρο των Ιωαννίνων με τα κτίρια κυριως της Οθωμανικής περιόδου, χτισμένο το 528 μ.χ. απο τον αυτοκράτορα Ιουστινιαν ό, είναι μια ολόκληρη πολιτεία απο μόνο του. Μέσα στα τείχη αυτής της πολιτείας προόδευσε η πνευματική ζω'η της πόλης και συνεχίζει να προοδεύει μέχρι σήμερα. ”
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“It is located in an Arcade where the first Bank of Ioannina used to be located. It has a great atmosphere, good food and also some days Live Music!! It is a place that keeps inside all the historicity of the building”
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“Best view in town, excellent kitchen, nice environment. There is also a bar next to the Restaurant in case you would like to continue your night.”
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