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Greenmarket Square

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January 30, 2020
Catch the vibe - From the North to the South of Africa this is it. lots of shopping from all over the continent. Accessible in the city of Cape Town
November 1, 2018
is where Cape Town's rainbow nation is evident. Barter at the curio stalls and people watch from cafes around the square.
Belinda Mary
Belinda Mary
September 7, 2018
Great local and other African craft with live music, arty scene.
September 4, 2018
Outdoor market, place to buy curios and clothing made my locals
May 29, 2018
Greenmarket Square, just off Long Street heading into town, has a daily market that is popular with visitors. The open-top bus tours which leave from here are a great way to get to know the city when you first arrive (with a surprisingly entertaining audio commentary).

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“I don't have the words except that we love to walk and and enjoy the beauty mixed with historic buildings. Quote :There is so much to explore in terms of history inside the garden. Near the Adderley Street entrance a statue of Queen Victoria stands overlooking the Slave Lodge, while a statue of Jan Smuts looks on. Just over the road is the St George’s Cathedral, known as the “people’s church”—even during the apartheid era, all races were welcomed. It was also the starting point for the 30,000-strong demonstration led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1989—and where Tutu coined the phrase ‘rainbow people’ to describe the diversity of South Africa’s population. The Garden is also home to the South African Museum and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre here, where you can view exhibits about the atrocities suffered by Jews during World War II. Beyond that, there are dozens of little historical treasures you’d easily miss if you weren’t looking for them. There is the Rutherford Fountain—which still stands on the original spot where it was erected in 1864—and the well pump embedded in an oak tree which dates back to 1842. There’s also the oldest cultivated tree in South Africa—a saffron pear, propped up on huge steel crutches. ”
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“Very cool for young kids. Especially as you can feed very tame squirrels in the park outside the museum”
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Kampaamo / Parturi
“Visit Long Street and experience Cape Town's night life - bars / restaurants / cafe's and much more”
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“Self-Drive to the top of signal hill and you will not regret it. Sit on their designated spot at the top with many other cape Etonians winding down to the sunset. ”
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“Take in some local theatre and have a drink at one of the many trendy bars in the area. ”
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Cape Town City Centre, WC 8000
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