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Musée Rath

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December 11, 2017
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October 4, 2017
Museum used for temporary exhibitions. It is the oldest purpose-built art museum in Switzerland.
September 21, 2016
The Musée Rath is an art museum in Geneva, used exclusively for temporary exhibitions. It is the oldest purpose-built art museum in Switzerland.
September 22, 2015
An old museum that mainly houses temporary exhibitions. It is built in 1826 with funds of General Simon Rath
September 15, 2013
The Rath Museum displays large temporary exhibitions in conjunction with the Art and History Museum. It focuses on fine arts including ancient, modern and contemporary art. Located on Place Neuve.

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“Nice place to have a traditional Swiss fondue. Located in the heart of Geneva's Old Town. ”
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“The Museum of Art and History is the city's largest and one of its most important institutions. The museum is housed within a building designed by Marc Camoletti and constructed from 1903 to 1910; the building's exhibition space covers four floors and 7,000m². the building itself is a treasure with an inner courtyard, and a façade featuring sculptures by Paul Amlehn and a triangular gable with an allegorical depiction of the arts. In a frieze on the upper section of the façade, there are the names of Genevan artists. The collections are divided into thematic categories focusing on Applied Arts, Fine Art, and archaeology. There is an art section in the museum with paintings from the middle ages to the 20th century including works by Konrad Witz, Rembrandt, Modigliani, and Rodin. An Applied Arts section has Byzantine art, medieval weapons, silverware and historic musical instruments among the collection. Part of the museum has been turned into the 17th century interior of the Lower Castle Zizers complete with wood paneling and furniture. In the archaeology, the section pieces from prehistoric Europe, ancient Egypt, African, Greek, and Roman cultures. Other interesting pieces in the collection are medieval stained glass, 12th-century armor, Swiss watches, and Greek vases.”
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“Museums around and statue of General Henri DuFour (1787-1875), a swiss national hero, army officer, bridge engineer and topographer that lead the Swiss army to victory against Sonderbund.”
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“Bar design crée par un jeune architecte de la place. Son gérant saura vous faire voyager par les sons proposés et ses boissons maison.”
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1 Place de Neuve
Centre-Plainpalais-Acacias, GE 1204
Puhelin+41 22 418 33 40
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