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Julio Romero de Torres Museum

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September 25, 2018
This museum displays a large figure of paintings of Julio Romero de Torres, who was a native of Cordoba and is regarded one of the greatest painters of Spain.
June 09, 2017
Museum dedicated to a local painter from the early 20th century
Mara & Jose
Mara & Jose
April 13, 2016
It is show the really meaning of Cordoba.
October 04, 2015
Museum dedicated to a local painter from the beginning of the century.
December 03, 2019
Una forma de entender el folclore cordobés es a través de las pinturas de Julio Romero de Torres, que supo captar la esencia andaluza de su tierra natal. Descubre el museo en honor a este pintor simbolista.

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“The Museum of Archaeology (Museo Arqueológico) features treasures from Cordoba’s rich cultural heritage, including prehistoric crafts, Roman statues and mosaics, as well as artifacts of Roman, Iberian, and Visigothic origin. The museum’s upper floor is devoted to Moorish culture and history. One of the most impressive exhibits is a bronze deer statue which was found during the excavation of the former palace city of Medina Azahara. A must-see is​ the remains of a Roman theater which are integrated in the Renaissance museum building. ”
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1 Plaza del Potro
Córdoba, AL 14002
Puhelin+34 957 47 03 56
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