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Liqeni Artificial i Tiranës

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July 22, 2019
Grand Park of Tirana, is a public park (no entrance fee). Many historical and sociocultural objects are found in this area.
July 15, 2019
Located between the University of Tirana and the Military Basis of Albania, this huge area provides a lot of services. There are some bars and restaurants with a magnificent view of the lake. My tip: rent a bike right at the entrance of the park and enjoy a short trip around the lake.
January 08, 2019
The Grand Park of Tirana (Albanian: Parku i Madh i Tiranës), or the Park on the Artificial Lake, is a 289 hectare public park situated on the southern part of Tirana, Albania. The Park includes an artificial lake and many other landmarks such as the Saint Procopius Church, the Presidential Palace,…
November 16, 2018
The only park in Tirana , perfect for walking, jogging
October 31, 2018
You can take long walks in the morning or afternoon.

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History Museum
“National History Museum has eight pavilions, to represent the Albanian history as thorough as possible. ”
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“Toptani shopping center has also a supermarket on the -1 floor, 5 minutes walking from the appartment.”
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“Ish-Blloku (the former Block) known as Blloku is the most famous and expensive area in Tirana. It became very attractive after the fall of communism. During communism, the area was reserved solely for government officials and was not allowed to be entered by the commoner. It was opened to the public in 1991 and since then it became the number one spot for Tirana's youth. At night the area gets full of people especially on weekends when most night clubs are full. The streets, especially in summer afternoons, are filled with Tirana's citizens and expensive cars cruising around. You might not believe it but for the locals Blloku is more popular and more expensive than the city centre of Tirana. There are many fancy Cafes, Restaurants, Lounges, Pubs and Night Clubs in the Blloku area. If you want to check out a fancy place in Tirana, then Blloku is the right place to go. However, what makes Blloku interesting to me is the variety among different styles. ”
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“It has the best albanian cuisine and is really close. Try the "tave Elbasani" a unique taste you can try only in Albania and "sultjash" for dessert. ”
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“Rinia Park (Youth Park) is a public park in the centre of Tirana. Built in 1950, it covers an area of 29 hectares. Initially it was a pleasant family park where Tirana residents took their children and relax in the evenings or at weekends. Later it took the name Taiwan after the complex to the side of the green area, which is like an island in the Park. There is another funny story behind this name. The construction of Taiwan complex finished just when the Albania's communist regime broke relations with China. At that time, Albania recognized the sovereignty of Taiwan and named the new structure in the middle of Tirana in their support. These are the rumors, one can not bet that this is the truth. The history of the park, continues in '90. After the collapse of the regime, illegal buildings sprang up all around the park, but during the city's clean-up in 2000, more than 130 buildings were demolished and the park was reseeded with grass. The white terraced building complex on the western edge is decorated with fountains houses cafés, restaurants and a bowling and billiards centre in the basement. Named after an old nickname for the park, the entire centre is known as the Taiwan. Both names are used. Youth park, or Taiwan is today a popular meeting place for people since the Taiwan complex has nice cafés and very good restaurants.”
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