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Night Market

OUG Night Market - Thursday

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September 23, 2018
Char Koay Teow / Fried Carrot Cake stall – OUG pasar malam (Thursday) If you’ve never been to the OUG pasar malam, it’s worth the trip just to come and try this stall’s offerings. It’s a little hard to find, located right at the fringe of the pasar malam, at the corner of the Ong Lay coffee shop…
June 11, 2018
Open only on Thursday
February 11, 2018
The night market is on every Thursday night. It is a great experience to taste the street food.
July 1, 2017
Every Thursday evening.
May 17, 2017
Night Market - Every Thursday

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“Coco Steamboat (海底炉) at Old Klang Road is a steamboat restaurant that serves the best pork knuckle milky soup base with fresh ingredients. Coco海底炉,在旧吧生路里,是生意不错的火锅店。主要汤底是用猪骨的熬成的“猪骨煲”,食材新鲜,晚餐时间通常要排队。建议早点到。 Besides their pork knuckle milky soup, they are also serving chicken soup and spicy thai soup. You can even have two different soup base in one pot. 除了“猪骨煲”以外,店家还有鸡汤和 泰式冬阴汤底,又或是你可以来个“鸳鸯",也就是一个锅里,分开一半,放两个不同的汤底。 Other than their Steamboat, you have to try their fried chicken too. It is also one of their best selling side dishes. 还有他们家的炸鸡翅也是不错的,是Coco 火锅店的热点。 If you are driving here, parking is a bit headache. After you passby Coco Restaraunt, next to it there is empty land. You can park your car here but with some charges. 从公寓走过来的话,有点远,500m左右,8分钟左右。驾车的话,过了餐厅隔壁有一片空地,这里是一个需付费的停车场,可以把车子停这里。”
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“Another convenience store that is located just underneath the building of Scott Garden for your convenient of getting necessities at odd hours.”
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“Cao Cao Grilled stall is serving Grilled Lamb, chicken wing and Taofu Bok. 曹操烤羊,除了有烤羊以外,还有鸡翅膀和豆腐波。 This is a stall located in Jalan Sawi, it is about 5-10mins walking distance from Verve Suites. (Have to cross the road, please use the overhead pedestrian bridge.) Business hour is from 6pm onwards till late. Together with Cao cao grilled lamb you can find another stall selling Char Kuey Tiew (Fried flat noodle) with duck eggs, Wantan mee, 这是一个坐落在路边的小吃档,从公寓过去走路约200m(请使用行人天桥)。晚上6pm左右开始营业。一起营业的其他档口有“鸭蛋炒粿条”,亚叁叻沙,炒饭炒面的,还有云吞叉烧面。 Do you like BBQ lamb? Let's have a try :-) The lamb meat after their special treatment process is without the unpleasant smell. The price is not very expensive. Worth your time to have a try. 喜欢烧烤的朋友不妨一试,羊排经过处理以后,没有羊骚味,价钱也不会太贵,值得一试。”
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