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Farmers Market

Mercato Centrale Firenze

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Lo storico mercato Centrale Fiorentino che unisce la cultura storica di Firenze alla tradizione dei sapori e dei profumi Toscani
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Marusca  E Marta
Marusca E Marta
November 10, 2019
A central market selling local produce on the ground floor. On the first floor they have a food court serving food till midnight.
Maria Antonietta
Maria Antonietta
October 24, 2019
The Central Market is a place where food is experienced, told and prepared by artisans who respect it and know it deeply. It is a space to be lived and shared and a container that becomes a cultural and social content, without losing spontaneity and simplicity.
October 15, 2019
The Florence covered market where you can find high quality street food, and live music on the evening!
October 13, 2019
Well known by the locals, characteristic for the structure, recommended for eating, inside there are many types of typical Tuscan food with a wide choice, in the evening you can also find music and shows
October 03, 2019
The Central Market is located in one of the most significant places in the city: the first floor of the historic San Lorenzo covered market. Bread and pastries, fresh fish, fried, vegetarian and vegan, meat and cold cuts, buffalo mozzarella, cheeses, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wine bar,…

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“The Boboli Gardens (Italian: Giardino di Boboli) is a historical park of the city of Florence that was opened to the public in 1766. Originally designed for the Medici, it represents one of the first and most important examples of the "Italian Garden", which later served as inspiration for many European courts. The large green area is a real open-air museum with statues of various styles and periods, ancient and Renaissance that are distributed throughout the garden. It also has large fountains and caves, among them the splendid Buontalenti grotto built by the artist, architect and sculptor Bernardo Buontalenti between 1536 and 1608 ”
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“The market takes place every morning (excluding holidays) from 7am to 2pm, partly outdoors, with benches of clothing, fruit and vegetables and food, and partly indoors, in the building built in 1873 on project by Giuseppe Mengoni; inside the building there are food sales stalls, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and catering points. In front of the market, on the side of Via della Mattonaia, overlooks the former monastery of Santa Verdiana, used in the past as a women's prison; today a part of it is used by the University of Florence, as the seat of the Faculty of Architecture.”
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Firenze, Toscana 50123
San Lorenzo
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Beer, Wine
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