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Place of worship

San Giovanni degli Eremiti

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Bruno And Breakfast
Bruno And Breakfast
April 30, 2019
The monumental complex of San Giovanni degli Eremiti (first half of the 12th century) includes the church with the cloister – as part of the monastery founded by Ruggero II around 1132 – and the “Arabian Hall” with a rectangular plan, a passage from a mosque of the X century. The church has a…
July 22, 2018
From Monday to Saturday 9.00-19.00 (last admission 18.30) Sundays and holidays 9.00-13.30 (last admission 13.00) Ticket : 6 euro
Daniela & Vittoria
Daniela & Vittoria
May 21, 2018
This remarkable, five-domed remnant of Arab-Norman architecture occupies a magical little hillside in the middle of an otherwise rather squalid neighbourhood. Surrounded by a garden of citrus trees, palms, cacti, rosemary bushes and ruined walls, it's built atop a mosque that itself was superimposed…
November 07, 2017
Old Roman walls, ancient Church, Islamic mosque, emotional garden...
July 10, 2015
One of the most significant churches built by the Normans probably over a mosque.

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“Multicultural, historical, sunny town! And if you wish to stay longer do not miss: "Design exclusive charming penthouse 2-7 guests, best central flat also for 2 guests!”
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Italialainen ravintola
“The Royal Palace of Palermo (11th-12th centuries) is the main monument to represent the wealth and political and cultural power of the Norman kingdom, a model of Arab-Norman architecture. An ancient Islamic Castrum erected on pre-existing Punic origins, from 1072 it became the residence of the Norman sovereigns. Its Torre Pisana (second quarter of the 12th century) is a unique example of a fortified tower, similar to those of the Norman donjon, whose plan is similar to ifriqeni Islamic models. La Joharia (mid-12th century) includes Sala dei Venti and Sala di Ruggero. The Sala dei Venti, or of the four columns, derives its architecture from the durqa'a, the inner courtyard of the Islamic ifriqeni and Fatimid palaces. It is preserved intact and is in fact one of the best preserved examples of this architectural typology in the medieval Mediterranean. Sala di Ruggero is characterized by impressive mosaics that cover the walls and the cross vault with profane, hunting and paradisiac scenes. The mosaics of Stanza di Ruggero, together with the fragments preserved in the Pisan Tower and the mosaic panel of Sala della Fontana in Palazzo della Zisa, are rare examples of profane decorations, distinguished by the significant presence of figurative elements derived from Islamic and Sassanid culture.. A widespread genre in the Byzantine courtly world of which today there are no traces except in historical sources.”
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“A Norman church refurbished many times in other periods. It looks baroque outside but once you get in you'll find the most stunning and precious bizantine mosaics of the Norman period. This church is a must see in Palermo, together with the other two in the same piazza!”
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“The Zisa palace (from the Arabic al-Azīz, or “the splendid”) was outside the walls of the ancient town of Palermo, inside the Genoardo (from the Arabic Jannat al-ar or “garden or paradise on the earth”) of which it is the most important and representative monument. With its building peculiarities and its crystalline forms, it refracts the lights of the ifriqena architecture and constitutes the best preserved model of the Arab-Norman architecture. William I began to build it in 1165 and his successor William II completed it. To enrich the palace is the Sala della Fontana located on the ground floor of the building, embellished with profane mosaics and muqarnas vaults. In addition to the fishing pond in front of the complex, there was also a coeval small and precious chapel.”
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“Is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Palazzo Reale”
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16 Via dei Benedettini
Palermo, Sicilia 90134
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