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Bosques de Palermo

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January 06, 2018
Do not forget to visit this huge square in the center of the city, with beautiful lakes, and an ideal place to run and practice exercises. full of people at all times and all days of the week. They can also rent boats for walks on the lakes
November 28, 2017
Really wonderful to cycle there, lovely lakes, trees, nice to have a picnic.
April 04, 2017
Great wooded area with lakes and trails. Ideal for jogging, biking and gym. Cafes and bars around.
February 02, 2017
Our Central Park, worth to visit for some jogging during the afternoon, close to the sunset, or just to walk around. In the Paseo de la Infanta there are many places to have a drink and enjoy to watch and be seen.
Ana, Aldo Y Sil
Ana, Aldo Y Sil
October 30, 2016
A traditional park in BA

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“An impressive modern building, the MALBA contains works by Argentine greats and other Latin American masters. It regularly hosts seminars and has a small cinema for cult and art-house retrospectives.”
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“Neighborhood that represents our historical places with a wide variety of restaurants, antiques, street shops and craftsmen.”
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“The iconic and imposing Obelisco de Buenos Aires stands at the intersection of two of the city’s most important streets: Avenida 9 de Julio and Avenida Corrientes. The former is often credited as being the widest street in the world, with an incredible 16 lanes at some points, while the latter became famous as the street that never sleeps, home to Buenos Aires' main theaters and many pizzerias that open way into the early hours. It is a symbolic icon of the city, a strategic axis (three of the city's underground metro lines connect underneath the obelisk) and a beacon that is often the central focal point for sporting celebrations and political demonstrations. ”
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“Main shopping center in the neighborhood. It offers a wide range of shops, even travel agencies to purchase plane tickets or bus tickets to local towns. The green subway line 'D' has its entrance right in front of the mall.”
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Buenos Aires, CABA