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DM - Debar Maalo

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January 23, 2020
The best BBQ in town.
October 9, 2019
This is a friendly restaurant/ kafana in a popular neighborhood famous for its vibrant night life.
May 5, 2018
They make the best tripe soup ("Чкембе чорба" in Macedinian) in Skopje :). They serve the soup only in the morning until 14 PM. After that you may order BBQ, salads and rakija. It's all delicious.
August 2, 2017
One of the best places to taste typical local "kafana" food. Mainly consisted of grill and other delicious side dishes. Start with a salad and "rakija"!
May 16, 2016
Local place, very nice food, just ask for "Sharska"

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“Stone Bridge is Skopje`s most famous symbol. This bridge was build in the Roman Period, during the reign of Emperor Justinian The First, and reconstructed by Ottomans. Everyone who entered Skopje as conqueror did his part building, rebuilding or reconstructing this bridge. After the rule of Romans, Ottomans, Bulgarians, Serbs and Yugoslav Communists, this is how Stone Bridge looks like during the rule of Macedonian Independent Republic. This bridge is situated in the central square covering two banks of Vardar river, dividing Skopje into two different parts - left bank area who looks like any Western European city, and right bank area, who looks like any middle east Asian city.That gives S”
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“Biggest stadium in Macedonia. Home of Vardar FC. MUFC and Real Madrid played here in August, 2017.”
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Historiallinen paikka
“The Skopje Fortress (Macedonian: Скопско Кале, transliterated Skopsko Kale), commonly referred to as Kale (from kale, the Turkish word for 'fortress'), is a historic fortress located in the old town of Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. It is situated on the highest point in the city overlooking the Vardar River. The fortress is depicted on the coat of arms of Skopje, which in turn is incorporated in the city's flag.”
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Point of Interest
“Macedonian Opera is part of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet organization. The first opera in Macedonia was performed on May 9, 1947 on the stage of the former Macedonian National Theater, it was "Cavalleria Rusticana" opera by Pietro Mascagni. Since then the Macedonian Opera organization has grown both in quantity and quality of performances, bringing in famous foreign opera singers and developing ones as well. The culmination of the Opera calendar year is always in May with the annual May Opera Evenings, an event that all culture and entertainment enthusiasts must not miss.”
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Centar, SK 1000
Puhelin+389 2 311 0262